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Hackensack Heroes

Frank J. Van Wetering lived at
331 River Street Hackensack.

He joined the service in 1917 with the
Bergen Battery Heavy Field Artillery. His name is listed on both plaques at the library and the
Hudson Street Cemetery plaques of men who gave their lives while in
the service during
World War I. He died during
the Battle of Chateau Thierry July 15, 1918.

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Written By:
Bob Meli


Background image of American forces in France during World War I, 1914 obtained from:


Click here to view gravestone of Frank J. Van Wetering where he was repatriated and buried in St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Hackensack after being Killed in Action in France.


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George Toriello sent this material on May 29, 2017. George is stating that one
KIA veteran not researched he found in his searching for information. The name in the paper misspelled Van Wetering and the paper in 1918 had it spelled
(Yan) Wetering. We can trust this to be the case because Frank Van Wetering was repatriated after his death and is buried in St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Hackensack NJ. 



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