Carl E. Padovano 1939 Yearbook Photo
Carl Erasmus Padovano
Yearbook Photo


Carl Padovano's family was interviewed by Bob Meli and in it was described his full journey as a Marine in World War II.

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In addition, a 1965 article also explains his experience as a Marine and how he got
through it.

Along with many items Carl saved from when he was in battle, the Quest Sermon, delivered by Ronald B. Gittleson, was filled with words that Carl did not hesitate to live by.

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As a Marine, Carl Padovano received a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart with recognition to the sacrifices he made.


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Carl Padovano is a Veteran of World War II and we salute you.

The Battle of Iwo Jima
February 19, 1945 - March 26, 1945

Material Researched by: Bob Meli 2007

Background image: Carl Padovano, Jr. gave me a copy of this photo and told me that the Family believes that is
Carl Padovano, Sr. next in line leaning on his gun or branch about to receive Communion on Iwo Jima.