Korean War




Events of such magnitude always seem so detached from our communities. We never really think our neighbor may have been involved with “THE DAY THEY CHANGED THE WORLD.” 


I came across an article on the dropping of the Atom Bomb by chance. It is an interview article, which was in the ‘Bergen Evening Record’ dated Saturday June 4, 1955, about a man named Robert Alvin Lewis, who lived on Edgewood Place in Maywood with his wife Mary and their three children when interviewed in 1955 by writer,
Mark Howat, of the Bergen Evening Record. Robert Alvin Lewis graduated from
Ridgefield Park High School in 1937, and was a classmate of Tom Della Torre, Ridgefield Park class of 1935, the legendary Hackensack High School football coach. Although his name is not on our wall, I thought it an interesting story about a Maywood resident where many students of H.H.S. have and still come from, and also a classmate of
Tom Della Torre, who will always be remembered as a ‘Hackensack guy’ was the
co-pilot on the most earth shattering event in human warfare history. 

Click to read the retyped June 4, 1955 article for clarity and click to view the actual article and the Timeline.

Click to view the August 6, 1945 Article which first reported on Hiroshima Bombing.

Click to view the August 7, 1945 Bergen Evening Record article. The Bergen Evening Record Headline State that Tokyo could possibly be the next Atomic Bomb target. The front page also has a drawing of the effects the bomb would have if it was dropped on New York City.
Click to view the August 8, 1945 Bergen Evening Record article, when Robert A. Lewis was on the front page of the Bergen Evening Record.                

Click to view the August 9, 1945 Bergen Evening Record Article, the bombing of Nagasaki.

Click to view the August 10, 1945 Bergen Evening Record Article, when Japan Seeks Peace.


Written by:
Bob Meli
January 2007