A Historical Record of The Hackensack Public Schools By George M. Scudder
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Hackensack Cemetery

          There is a Civil War Monument at the Hackensack Cemetery on River Road by Route 4 in Hackensack.  Under the Word ‘OFFICERS’ they have a date 1892 which one would assume is the year in which it was dedicated.  The monument along the base has the ‘Monument Committee’ listed on one side and then the ‘Officers’ listed on the other.  The other two sides of the base have the major battles of the Civil War Listed.  On top stands a Civil War Soldier.  What motivated these men to put up this monument or who of these men and their families served during the Civil War we do not know as of June 2011. 

What we do know is that the citizens of Hackensack cared enough to pay tribute to those men from Hackensack who served for GAR (Grand Army of the Republic).  Company G that fought during the
Spanish American War 1896 Mexican border conflicts and World War I appears to have a direct connection to this fighting unit from the Civil War and carried its name Company G fifth New Jersey Regiment until it was changed during World War I to the 114th US Infantry attached to the 29th Division.

          We need to gather more information to better understand the connection with Company G and the history of the men and the monument of the Civil War which is located in the Hackensack Cemetery
June 26, 2011.

Written by:
Bob Meli
June 26, 2011