23rd Company
6th Machine Gun Battalion

William Pince from Hackensack enlisted in the Marine Corp in April of 1917.  Both
George Stone and George Knopf of Hackensack are mentioned in the May 1, 1917 article as having enlisted with Company G of Hackensack as infantrymen.

A little over one year later the June 29, 1918 article tells of Billy Pince in the Marine charge at Chateau Thierry and he was wounded in the arm.  He tells the family home not to worry.

Only two days later the July 1, 1918 article tells of Billy leaving out a most memorable event in the life of a servicemen fighting far away from home and that is meeting a hometown friend.  The ambulance driver was a Fred Abbenseth who knew Billy and his brother from Hackensack. 

August 14, 1918 article Billy Pince had gone back to the fighting when it became apparent they did not get all the shrapnel out and so a second operation was needed. 

Let us never forget the Marines sacrifice.    

Written by:
Bob Meli
November 11, 2010


Photo of Machine Gun Batallion in World War I Taken From: