William Klatt New Milford Image
William Klatt New Milford Image 2


Entered service April 21, 1936….Trained at Newport, R.I….Assigned to U.S.S. New Orleans, (cruiser); U.S.S. Savannah, (cruiser) ; U.S.S. Smartt, (destroyer escort); U.S.S. Flicker, (minesweeper);  U.S.S. A.T.A.-196, (fleet tug); Pearl Harbor Shipyard; U.S.S. Bremerton, (cruiser)…Served in U.S. Navy in both Atlantic and Pacific areas… Date of discharge -1957, (after 21 years service)……Graduated New Milford Junior High School.  

New Milford in World War II
Teresa M. Martin
Copyright May 30, 1947



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