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I first came across Warren J. Terhune’s name in “H. Kent Hewitt’s Memoir’s” book written and edited in 2004 by Evelyn M. Cherpak of the Naval War College. Click here to view page 59 of that book where Admiral Hewitt tells of knowing Warren J. Terhune and staying at Warren J. Terhune’s resident’s while stationed in Key West Florida.   

Upon the death of Nelson Haas, the father of Hackensack Schools, the article of
Friday December 29, 1905
and Saturday January 6, 1906, mentions Warren J. Terhune as being one of those pupils Nelson Haas tutored when he was principal of the
Washington Institute School, which was located on the corner of Union and Myers Street at the time, for acceptance into the Naval Academy. This would have been around 1885.
The Memoirs of H. Kent Hewitt", edited by Evelyn Cherpak 2004 under notes on page 61 states:
9. Warren J. Terhune (1869-1920) Commander U.S. Naval Academy class of 1889.  Upon reading that I took note that he had died at 51 and upon further research I found out why. Click here to view Arlington National Cemetery website and the information they have posted explaining the suicide death of Warren J. Terhune while he was the Commanding Governor of the Island of Samoa. 

Written by:
Bob Meli
August 29, 2014




Background image of German, British, and American warships in Apia harbour, Samoa 1899 obtained from: