Walter Noller
Hackensack High School
Yearbook Photo


Walter Noller requested his name be put under Desert Storm although his service spans all the way back to the end of the Vietnam War right up to the
Afghan and Iraq

This e-mail was sent to me by Walter Noller in December of 2010:   

As a veteran of Hackensack High School's Class of 1970, as well as a retired member of the U. S. Army Reserve, I was wondering what criteria you use to show those who have served. I spent 32 years as a "Reserve Soldier" and met the mandatory retirement in 2002 and retired as a Command Sergeant Major.

My first 20 years of service was under the Command of the
78th Division (New Jersey Lightning) and in 1990, I was promoted to Sergeant Major. Then, I was appointed to CSM and assigned to a Reserve Forces School at Fort Hamilton, New York under the 77th RSC (Liberty Patch) and subsequently took positions in and around the New York and New Jersey areas. 

Walter Noller 

Recorded by:
Bob Meli
August 30, 2013


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