The Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

On Tuesday February 17, 1942, The Record newspaper
carried this article on six Hackensack young men living within one block of each other getting ready to leave for Fort Dix, NJ that day. 

Walter Gan, age 22, is mentioned in article as already in Field Artillery in the
San Francisco area.
After being attacked at Pearl Harbor, being stationed off the coast of California was a big assignment. 

Walter Gan’s younger brother, Manuel Gan, is mentioned also in the article, and he was in the Navy in the Pacific, which was an even bigger assignment after the attack on
Pearl Harbor.

They are both mentioned because his older brother, Adam Gan, age 26, is one of the six men from the one block area leaving for Fort Dix, NJ. 

There are nine Hackensack young men mentioned in the article. Two are his brothers mentioned above, and one is an attorney who lived in another area of Hackensack. 
Written by:
Bob Meli

March 26, 2016


Background image of Coast Artillery in California obtained from: