Walter D Lamberti

Walter D. Lamberti

Hackensack High School
Yearbook Photo

On October 26, 2012, Judy Siver found information in the
2009 Hackensack High School Alumni Directory book where
Walter D. Lamberti states:

 U.S. Army Air Defense Missile System,  U.S. Naval Reserves.
Shortly after this e-mail from Judy Siver,
Walter D. Lamberti called me and gave me the following about his service:

          “I was in the U.S. Army Air Defense Command in Europe. We were Mobil Surface to Air Missiles system, Nike Hawk Missiles. We were stationed in West Germany in what was called the Berlin Corridor Fulda Gap 7, 10K zone. This was the place you could launch missiles. I was with the 7th Army and we could move around, and you would have one day on and work long hours, and then one day off. We would come home and train at Fort Bliss, Texas every year. The first year I pressed the button and hit the target with missile... quite an experience. In the second year, I was the sergeant and assigned the target and in the third year, I was the Tec. advisor for the group. I served from September 1964 to August 14, 1967.” 

Written by
Bob Meli
November 13, 2012


Background Image: Germany Missiles from 1964