Walter Bertoni
Hackensack High School
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My Aunt Kay Meli, who graduated from Hackensack High School in 1944 and was a classmate of Walter Bertoni, said that Walter Bertoni was in the Navy on his birthday on June 6, 1944, for the invasion of Normandy at age 19.  Donald Faller told me that Walter Bertoni had received what they called a War degree, so he could leave school in February to join the service.  A very short time would have gone by from early February to June 6, 1944 when he found himself in the center of the largest land invasion of all time. 

In Teresa Martin’s material this is not mentioned, so I thought we should note it so it will not be forgotten and we will continue to research the matter to confirm the statements of his two 1944 classmates Kay Meli and Donald Faller.   

Written by:
Bob Meli
August 15, 2011


New milford


Entered service February 1944…Trained at Sampson, N.Y…. Assigned to U.S.S. MagnetA.M.-260……Served on U.S.S.P.C.-490,
South Atlantic Duty;  U.S.S. Magnet, South Atlantic Duty…Served at Norfolk, Virginia; Miami, Florida; Cuba; Brazil; Trinidad; Bermuda; Puerto Rico; Panama; Ascension…Met Charles Tobin in Miami…Met Robert Bell in Brazil…..

Date of discharge May 4, 1946…..
Graduated New Milford Junior High School June 1941. 

New Milford in World War II
By: Teresa Martin 
Copyright May 30, 1947


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