Hackensack High School
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George Toriello researched this material from the website: U.S., Korean War Casualties, 1950-1957

According to this source, Vincent J. DiPalermo was born on November 11, 1925 and his family was living at 190 Washington Avenue Hackensack at the time. Vincent J. DiPalermo’s date of birth would explain why his name was listed on the Original Veterans  Wall Unit at Hackensack High School during World War II because he would have been of draft age at 18 in 1943. 

The material on his service in the Korean War states that on January 26, 1952 1st Lieutenant Vincent J. DiPalermo, while under hostile fire, his plane crashed and was listed as missing until January 15, 1953, when they declared Vincent J. DiPalermo Killed in Action for which he received a Purple Heart.  Vincent J. DiPalermo’s name is on the
Korean War Plaque at City Hall in Hackensack. 

Let us never forget the Airman’s sacrifice.

Written by:
Bob Meli
December 21, 2017   


Background image is a North American Aviation F-86 jet fighter, which became operational in 1949. During the Korean War F-86s were pitted against Soviet-built MiG-15s in history's first large-scale jet fighter combat obtained from