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George Toriello researched this material on Vernon L. Reed on May 21, 2018 from the source <US headstones and internment records for US cemeteries on Foreign soil 1945>

Vernon Lester Reed was born 1921 in Massachusetts.  Vernon L. Reed lived in Hackensack when in service at 71 Prospect Avenue Hackensack and would have attended Hackensack High School around 1939. 

Vernon L. Reed enlisted into the service September 16, 1940 before World War II was declared.  Vernon L. Reed was a Private in the Army and served with ‘D’ Battery 462nd Parachute Field Artillery Battalion. Vernon Lester Reed was Killed in Action on the island of Corregidor the Philippines on February 22, 1945 for which he would have received
the Purple Heart.

Vernon Lester Reed’s name is on the 1946 Dedication Page and the Plaque at City Hall in Hackensack confirming his sacrifice while in service. Vernon Lester Reed is buried overseas
in the Philippines. 

Let us never forget their sacrifice.

Written by:
Bob Meli
July 7, 2018


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