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Thomas S. Calabrese name is on Original Wall Unit list without the middle initial, but it does have a Gold Star.  Thomas S. Calabrese name is listed with entire name correct on the 1946 Dedication page in the HHS Yearbook and the Plaque at City Hall.

George Toriello sent researched material on Thomas S. Calabrese on December 4, 2017.  

Thomas S. Calabrese was living at 91 Ackerson Street in Hackensack at the age of eight years old according to the 1930 Federal Census. 
Thomas S. Calabrese was a Private in the United States Army with the 175th Engineer General Service Regiment and was Killed in Action on June 25, 1944 for which he would have received the Purple Heart.  Thomas S. Calabrese is buried in Italy.

Let us always be grateful for his sacrifice.

Note: source of material is honor 

Written by:
Bob Meli
July 25, 2018



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