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Click here to view The Record newspaper obituary article dated
December 5, 2014, telling of Sarah P. Wells graduating from both
Hackensack High School in 1945 and also the Hackensack Nursing School in 1948. She then had a career as a nurse in the United States Air Force rising to the rank of Brigadier General the seventh highest ranking in the Air Force and the first stage of becoming “General” with four stars.

Click here to view the U.S. article written in 1979 after her promotion to Brigadier General.The article was posted upon retirement also, because at the top of article it says Sarah P. Wells retired October 1, 1982 and the article includes quite a list of awards and medals received.

The article on her service mentions Sarah P. Wells received the
Vietnam Service Medal. While serving during Korea, she was state side and so I have chosen to list her under Vietnam War, although we thank her for her service in both.

Written by:
Bob Meli
August 22, 2015

Background image of medical women nurse crew members during Vietnam War obtained from: