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Salvatore Puglisi HHS Grad Photo 1937

Salvatore "Sam" Puglisi
Hackensack High School
Yearbook Photo

Salvatore Puglisi Military Photo

Salvatore "Sam" Puglisi
Military Photo

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Salvatore "Sam" *(see explanation below) Puglisi graduated from Hackensack High School in 1937.

He served in the Army in 1940, before war broke out, and was discharged. Sam, knowing he would be called back once war declared after December 7, 1941, re-enlisted in 1942. He served until the war ended in 1945. He served as a radio operator in the 20th corp. He served at the same time as his three brothers, Philip Puglisi, Thomas Puglisi, and Vincent Puglisi. Sam's son, Frederick Puglisi, who is a retired Hackensack police officer, served in the Army at the end of the Vietnam War and was stationed in Okinawa.

His mother was honored at the Oritani Theatre 1942 for having all four sons in military service during
World War II.

Sam Puglisi's grandson is Tom Terzano, who is currently working (as of October 2009) as an English teacher at Hackensack High School.


Letters from his wife, Edith, his sister, Filomena, and other family members correspondence before and during the service. There are 25 letters in all from 1939-1945


* Salvatore "Sam" Puglisi

Email dated February 16, 2010 from Gary Terzano:

Hi Bob, I confirmed through my sister-in-law Elizabeth Puglisi Andrew that her father's real name was Salvatore. His mother, (and there is no one left to ask why), called him Sammy. The name stuck and everyone from family, friends, and co-workers knew him as Sam. Elizabeth 's hobby is genealogy and she has done extensive research for the family histories of the Puglisi's, Nativo's, and I think your family, since Sam's mother was a Meli!! She has gone back over 400 years in her search in Sicily . If you have an interest, let me know, or call Fred and Lovey can touch base with you. Thanks, Gary

Email dated February 15, 2010 from Robert Meli:

Hi Gary, like my cousin Vinny, are you sure about changing his name to Salvatore? Could you give me more information as to why they called him Sam?  We will put a caption explaining his name.-- Bob Meli