Click here to view the Bergen Evening Record article dated Wednesday March 18, 1942, telling of Richard Lepera being the first Bergen County man to be drafted into the service during World War II. 

Salvatore Lepera was 40 years old and had already served 3 years with Company G. from Hackensack during
World War I and was married with four children. It is doubtful he was accepted by the draft board when he reported. 

The article also mentions these other men during World War II being drafted after the first day of drawing:
Stacy Cornelius Hammell, Vincent Costa,
Edmond Albert Okuniewski, Giuseppe Vaccarella, Rosario Barca, John Peter Scholl, Joseph Arthur Noto, Louis Cinque,
Joseph Michael Tedona, Paul Emil Wieland,
Dr. Nelson Charles Policastro, William Charles Weimuth.

His brother, Dominick Lepera, was already an Army Air Corp Cadet training in Orlando, Florida. 

Written by:
Bob Meli
September 4, 2016


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