Russell S. Hastings

Click the image above to view Hackensack Heroes Russell S.Hastings, who also left school early in spring 1918 to join the service. Click here to view the April 26, 1918 article.

Along with J. Park Hart's name, he is mentioned in the yearbook paper, The Senior Critic, on the Honor Roll, and listed with those who graduated.

Russell S. Hastings was also the class Treasurer before leaving and had played on the football team in the fall 1917.

Under an article in the high school newspaper the CRITIC labeled
“CLASS ALPHABET' it says “H is for Hastings and also for Hart, both have enlisted
to do
their part”


This article title could not be more accurate. In a two week span, they had reported on Eugene Breen, J. Park Hart, Arthur Nicklar, and now him, Russell S. Hastings, who was a classmate of J. Park Hart only 6 months earlier, all having died of the flu.

This memorial plaque was erected shortly after World War I. The tree was planted along with the plaque by the citizens of Hackensack to honor those men who died during their service in the Great War.  The small monuments are located on the southern side of Foschini Park with a small tree planted along with it.  When the tree planting and small memorials were put up, the area was probably part of the Oritani Field club.  I played baseball in Foschini Park my entire young life till I was 20 years old (I am 54 years old now - January 2010) and I never knew these memorials were there until last year (2009) when the city manager mentioned it to me. 

Let us never forget the servicemen's sacrifice.

Bob Meli January 2010

Seven Hackensack Boys at Fort Slocum
The Evening Record
April 26, 1918

The Senior Critic

HHS Yearbook Honor Roll

Arthur Nicklar

John Park Hart

Ellsworth Dederick


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