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Click here to view article which appeared in The Record newspaper May 27, 2019.  There are three people named Mathews on the Original Wall Unit at Hackensack High School: Robert J. Mathews, Bob Mathews, and Erich Mathews.  The article does not once mention a middle initial or name, so we are linking him to “Bob Mathews”. 

Robert Mathews served on board the USS Merrimack, a fleet Oiler, in both the Atlantic and Pacific Theater and he was involved with Operation Torch, which was led by Hackensack’s Admiral H. Kent Hewitt. I do not know the relationship, if any, Robert Mathews has to Robert J. Mathews, or Erich Mathews, at this present time.

Robert Mathews received the Good Conduct medal, Asiatic Service Medal with five campaign stars, European Theater Medal with one star, The Victory in Japan Medal, and the State of New Jersey Distinguished Service Medal. 

One of the most interesting things Robert Mathews mentions about his experience was what happened when he and his fellow sailors went ashore in Tokyo at wars end. Robert Mathews states:  “We were encouraged to go ashore and walk around in Tokyo.  We were surprised residence came up and thanked us for ending the fighting.”

Written by:
Bob Meli
August 14, 2019


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