Robert Gomez 1966 HHS Grad Photo
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Hackensack High School
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Robert Gomez
Parris Island



Robert Gomez filled out the Veteran form we sent him and this is the information he returned:

Robert Gomez attended Hackensack High School from 1963 until he graduated in 1966.  He joined the Marines on September 14, 1966 and served until 1970.  He rose to the rank of Corporal E-4, which means he was an expert 4th pay grade, which is a high rank of expertise at something I do not know at this present time. 

The awards and medals received are as follows:
National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal,
Good Conduct Medal, Rifle Sharpshooter Badge M-14, Presidential Unit Citation,
Combat Action Ribbon and Meritorious Unit Commendation.     

I called Robert Gomez on January 10, 2012, and we had a very engaging and pleasant conversation.  Robert Gomez lives with his family in Puerto Rico and I asked him to send more information about his service.  He half jokingly said “I think I’ll write not to join the service.”  Robert Gomez went on to tell me that his son has served and his daughter is in the Coast Guard. 

Let us always be grateful for such families that commit themselves to the service of our country.

Written By:
Bob Meli
January 12, 2012


On January 1, 2012, Robert Gomez sent us this e-mail after viewing the Veterans Website from his home in Puerto Rico:

Greetings! I am Robert Gomez and I graduated in the class of 1966. On September 14, 1966, I joined the Marine Corps along with Albert Sansone (buddy system).  Upon arrival to Vietnam, I was stationed at Chu Lai with 9th Engineers, base camp for the extended tour of duty 19 months.  The enclosed picture of me in Vietnam was in the area called ‘Hill 10’ north of Chu Lai (See photo below), where I was stationed for one year.  I was a combat Engineer and reached the rank of Corporal (E-4). Upon return from Vietnam, I studied computer programming at the Plaza School in Paramus.  Later in life, I completed my B.A. in Psychology with History as minor (a new discipline called Psycho-History).  You have my permission to use my pictures for your Veterans Web Site. If you need to contact me please do so.

Robert Gomez



Background image of U.S. Engineers approach to building a bridge during the Vietnam War Era