Portrait of Richard Varick


Richard Varick, whose grandfather had settled in Hackensack in 1718 in a house by the Church on the Green, was born on March 25, 1753, in the small village Hackensack. 

Click here to view the Passaic County Historical Society account of this American Patriot, Soldier, and Founder. 

Richard Varick joined the New York City militia at the outbreak of hostilities in 1775.  Richard Varick was
Benedict Arnold’s aide and the time of his betrayal. Richard Varick, after a thorough investigation, was proven innocent of any involvement. Richard Varick was so completely cleared of any wrong doing, that Washington himself asked Congress to appoint Colonel Varick as his Recording Secretary, and sent a letter confirming the appointment himself on May 25, 1781.  From 1789 to 1801, Richard Varick became Mayor of New York City. 

The wonderful material provided by the Passaic County Historical Society will reveal to you the extraordinary life of Richard Varick, a Patriot, a Soldier, and clearly a Founding Father who grew up in Hackensack where we walk and do business every day. 

Click here to view Grave marker of Richard Varick located in the Cemetery by the Church on the Green, which was right by the house where he grew up in Hackensack.         

Written by:
Bob Meli
June 8, 2016


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