The Evening Record
Friday, November 22, 1918

Is Cited For


Raymond Kempton's Letter to Father Failed to tell Interesting News.

On last Monday the Evening Record published a letter from Raymond Kempton to his father, in which the young man passes over his wounds as becomes a modest hero. Raymond told his “daddy” that the wound on his arm is so slight that he wouldn't know it was there if he couldn't see it.

But today's list of citations contain this very pleasing bit of news:

“Private Raymond D. Kempton company C. 114 th Infantry. For extraordinary heroism in action near
Verdun, France, October 12, 1918. Being severely wounded in the arm, Private Kempton refused to go to the rear, but after receiving first aid treatment, rejoined his platoon under heavy shell fire and continued to fight until incapacitated by a second severe wound.”

So far as there is any record, this is the first Hackensack boy to be cited for bravery. Raymond's home is on James Street.





















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