Raymond J. Sachtleben 1936 HHS Grad Photo

Hackensack High School
Yearbook Photo

Kay Enk, a researcher for the "Garveston 12", came from asmall village in England named Garveston. She came across our website while searching for information on Raymond J. Sachtleben. 

Raymond J. Sachtleben’s name is on the original Wall Unit List and is also on the
1946 Hackensack High School Yearbook Dedication Page, which listed those who had died while serving during World War II. I came across Raymond’s 1936 yearbook photo and had filed it under‘Misc. High School photos’, but I knew nothing else about him.

Kay Enk’s first e-mail on May 25, 2012 asked us for more information on Raymond J. Sachtleben because their small village in England was honoring Raymond J. Sachtleben and his crew with Col. S. Blinkinsop Chief Air Attache of the U. S. Embassy in London with a full Color Guard from USAAF. Lakenheath was coming and they wanted to know more about the pilot and his family if possible. I was unable to get anything before the ceremony, but a few weeks later, after four hours of scanning microfilm at the Hackensack Library, I found the article in the Bergen Evening Record" on June 22, 1944 telling of the death of
Raymond J. Sachtleben crashing in the European Theater. I have since sent that article to Kay Enk. 

The people of this small village in England revealed the hearts of appreciation for the sacrifice these men paid and the strong bond of alliance and gratitude the people of England felt, and continue to feel, for those men who died while fighting Nazi Germany during World War II

For more information visit this website, You will be truly moved to see the information the people of Garveston, England have collected on the events which lead them to create a memorial to honor Raymond J. Sachtleben and his crew for their sacrifice. A few of the citizens of Garveston, England were very young, between five and ten years old, and they never forgot the incident, which they had personally witnessed, which motivated them many years later to pay tribute to their sacrifice.

Written by:
Bob Meli
June 22, 2012

Remembrance at the Garveston Twelve Memorial
November 2018
(No photos taken)

Remembrance at the Garveston Twelve Memorial
November 2019
(No photos taken)

Background image of high left side views of a pair of Consolidated B-24 Liberators in flight obtained from: