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Click here to view two photos that appeared in the Bergen Record after World War II ended, which shows the troop ship which Ralph Sens was on along with the photo of him with his head out the port hole when arriving back in America.
          I obtained this photo from a fellow employee when I worked at D'Angelo’s farm in November 2013. Chris Gambino found it in his mother's scrap book.  His mother, whose maiden name was Alice Hannah Roverse, who graduated from Hackensack High School
in 1944, and apparently may have been friends with Ralph Sens and his wife, Peggie Sens, who was a reporter for the Record at the time, and is in the photo waving to the troops. 

Written by:
Bob Meli
January 11, 2014


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Background image of the RMS Queen Mary arriving to New York with U.S. troops obtained from: