Philip Seilheimer was a well-liked young man when he went into the service. His letters home tell of his experience at the camps state side and the dangers he and the men he fought with faced while fighting in Europe during World War I

 On January 15, 2020, Ken Chomiak, whose father is Nicholas Chomiak, sent me information explaining the relationship between Philip and Edward Seilheimer and the Chomiak family, who worked at the soda company on Hudson Street in Hackensack for many years during the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s.

Philip Seilheimer was the brother of Edward Seilheimer, the owner of the “Seilheimer Soda Company”.  Edward Seilheimer was married to Anna (Chomiak) Seilheimer.  Anna (Chomiak) Seilheimer was the sister of Nicholas Chomiak, who worked at Seilheimer Soda, along with other brothers, John Chomiak, Harry Chomiak, William Chomiak, and Peter Chomiak, who also served in World War II.
George Chomiak
, the youngest brother served during the Korean War.  

Written by:
Bob Meli
January 26, 2020






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