Peter Dunn


Email and photo obtained from
George Hedges Hackensack High School 1973
May 16, 2016.



You have a Peter Dunn on your website, but not a page. I did some research on him and he lived at
108 Gamewell Street, Hackensack. He was in old Co. G. for 3 years with Capt. Doremus and sent to the Mexican border during the 1916 Border War.

Here’s a picture I found in my
Uncle George’s photo album right after he arrived at Camp McClellan as a corporal. In June 1918 just prior to shipping to Europe, he escorted a soldier to the brig.

Click here to see attached document.

This document was found inside a 1917 court martial manual belonging to Capt. Doremus, now in the hands of my cousin William Hedges (retired Capt. Hack Fire Dept.).  


Background image of Camp McClellan obtained from: