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Paul DiMartino sent me two letters, the first which he returned in March of 2010, was the form he filled out on his service.  I spoke to Paul sometime during the summer 2010, and he later sent me his dispatch paper and two copies of photos in November 2010.  The photos are copies on paper and they are not that clear, but they tell so much.  Click here to read the letter and see the photo’s that Paul T. DiMartino sent.   
Paul T. DiMartino’s Rank SP4 means he entered the service as a Private and became a specialist in Sharp Shooting. Then, he rose to the fourth level.  The E-4 indicates he was also ranked higher than others and had a leadership role when in combat.

On Paul Thomas DiMartino’s Dispatch Paper it records he received the Vietnam service Medal W/1 Bronze Service Star, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Combat Infantry Badge.  Paul T. DiMartino’s expertise while in the service are revealed in his dispatch papers. He was a Sharpshooter (Rifle M-16) Sharpshooter (50Cal. MG) Sharpshooter (90mm Tank Weapon) Expert (Rifle M-14) Expert
(M-60 Machine Gun).  


Written by:
 Bob Meli
July 1, 2011




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