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The material on Lance Corporal Patrick C. Lauder was given to us by a student named Amber Brown at Teaneck High School where my son, Jared Meli, teaches history.   
       Amber Brown gave us two ‘Bergen Evening Record’ articles from an old scrapbook which is not dated, but very informative and interesting about her Grandfather’s service.  The articles appears to have been printed on two different days. Both articles mention Patrick C. Lauder being one of the men selected to guard President Kennedy, on his trip to Ireland on June 27, 1963 “of last year” the article states, which would mean that both articles were written sometime in 1964. 
       The one article tells of Patrick C. Lauder and how he writes home to his family from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.  Patrick is seen serving guard duty on the boundary road which over looks Communist Cuba.  This article is on the right side of the photo and is readable but blurry. 
       The second article, which is on the right side of the photo, shows the same picture of Patrick C. Lauder on guard duty on the boundary road over looking Communist Cuba.  This article’s headline reads “JERSEY MARINE AWAITS HIS CITIZENSHIP PAPERS”.  This article states that Patrick C. Lauder, came to Hackensack seven years ago and the first article mentions that the family has lived in Hackensack for eight years.  The second article says that he left Hackensack High school in his senior year to join the Marines at the age of 18.  The first article states that he was in his third year of duty of a four year tour.  This would mean that Patrick C. Lauder was 20 to 21 years old when these articles were written and he would have finished his tour of duty the following year in 1965.  This article is not that easy to read but the main points are understood.

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Click here to view February 1964 photo of Lance Corporal Patrick C. Lauder on guard duty at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.
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–Bob Meli, July 15, 2012

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