Click The Evening Record May 28, 1917 article to view about
Sergeant Otto G. Ocenasek getting shot by accident while on a train going to Spring Valley, New York to attend a dance. Captain Doremus held Otto G. Ocenasek in high regard and was the supply sergeant at the time of the accident for Company G
Click May 1, 1918, The Evening Record article to view the telling of Otto G. Ocenasek receiving a new commission.

As I, Bob Meli, was going through the microfilms at the Johnson Public Library, researching World War II veterans during January of 2015, I came across this article on what appears to be Otto G. Ocenasek’s father tragically leaping to his death from the bridge which connects Little Ferry and Ridgefield Park. 

Click here to view the Bergen Evening Record article dated January 16, 1942.     


Written by:
Bob Meli
May 29, 2012


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Louis Myers

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World War I 1918