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Hackensack High School 
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According to an E-Mail from a staff member at
Hackensack High School on April 10, 2009, it stated that
Nick Kirkella served in Germany after graduating from
Hackensack High
School around 1965. 

His brother, Frank Kirkella, served in Vietnam.

Written by:
Bob Meli
August 31, 2013

George Toriello sent this information July 30, 2018, to add to  Nicholas Kirkella’s service:
Rank: Sergeant.
Military Occupation Specialty: Radar Technician
U.S. Army 7/1965 to 7/1968
(3 months in Vietnam, remainder in Germany)

Served as a radar technician at a Hawk missile site near
Saigon, South Vietnam. Hawk missiles were surface-to-air.

This material recorded by:
Bob Meli
July 30, 2018



Background image of The United States Army in Vietnam in 1966 obtained from: