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Professor Nelson Haas


Newsletter of the
Bergen County Historical Society
Winter 2006

Professor Nelson Haas, Supervising Principal of the Hackensack Public Schools, died suddenly at Asbury Park on December 28, 1905. 

He was born on August 3, 1838 at Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia.  Educated in local schools, he entered his career as a teacher at 17 years of age.  In September 1865, he joined
Company B, Union League Regiment in Philadelphia, and became Brigade Commissary.  Studying law after the war, he became an attorney in 1868.  After a brief stint as lawyer in Stockton, California, he returned east.  In 1871, he was appointed principal of the
Washington Institute
District No. 32 at Hackensack.

The school was then located at the corner of Main and Warren Streets, but in 1878
moved into a new brick building at the corner of Union and Myer Street.

Dr. Haas remained in charge of the Washington Institute until the
High School building on First Street
was opened in 1897. 

George Vogel succeeded Professor Haas as Supervising Principal.


Plaque in honor of Nelson Haas
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