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As listed on the roster of Camp McClellan Anniston Alabama, Louis Myers left for France with Harry Doremus and the rest of the original Company G men from Hackensack. 

Click here to view The Evening Record letter printed August 7, 1918 telling of
Henry Reitsma meeting Louis Myers while walking in France. The paper spells his name “Meyer”, but the correct spelling according to the roster from World War I is Myers.

Click here to view the November 5, 1918 article telling of Louis Myers recovering from the effects of mustard gas. His name in this article is spelled “Meyers”, and then in the article it spells it “Myers”. I have concluded that “Myers” is the correct spelling because that is how it is spelled on the Roster from Camp McClellan Anniston, Alabama from 1917, and also how it was spelled in The Evening Record Honor Roll List October 5, 1918.
Click here to view the photo sent June 2013 by George Hedges, class of 1973, from his great uncle George E. Hedges' photo album of a photo labeled with “Meyers” name on the back. The names were listed {Meyers – Rinker – Sgt. Otto Ocenasak.}

Note that his name was spelled incorrectly again by George E. Hedges, but there is no other person with a name on the roster that is spelled that way. We cannot know who is who in the photo by the names on the back unless we spoke to the person who took the photo or upon finding other photos which are labeled correctly and matching them with the men in the photo. The photo was taken at a train station, maybe the one in Hackensack when leaving, but we cannot be sure.

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Written by:
Bob Meli
June 8, 2013


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