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Gary Terzano sent this information on January 11, 2019, to me,
Bob Meli, explaining the service of Larry Nix, 1966 Hackensack High School graduate, photo above, and
George DiNapoli.


Hello Bob and Happy New year!

As I was just visiting the veterans’ website, I see that a classmate of mine from 1966 has not been added…


George is an Army Vet. that served in Vietnam as a combat medic.
Tour of duty is around 1967 to 1969 I think.
He still lives in Hackensack and is retired.

His family has owned taverns and delis over the years.
You may know his brother, Benny, who lives on No. Prospect Ave. in the
Fairmount Section.

At Hackensack High, George was an excellent Athlete in Soccer and Baseball.

I run into him from time to time in Shop-Rite and I can ask him for clear details on his military service. Hopefully, he will offer.


Another Vietnam Veteran who is also my best friend for over 55 years is Lenny Nix. I see that he is listed, but there are no details of his service.

Len served in the Army from December 1967 to December 1969.
His rank was Sergeant. He was a squad leader in an infantry combat recon company
with the 82 Airborne Division. Vietnam service 1968 -1969

Len is a 1966 graduate of Hackensack High, see yearbook 1966 page 149, for photo
he is a highly decorated combat veteran.

An action picture of Len playing Comet Football in 1965 is on page 57 in the
1966 Yearbook. He is seen in the upper left corner pic, behind Fair Lawn player
no. 31. Comet Player 43 is Ed Simmons another Vietnam Veteran who is listed on the website

Recorded by: 
Bob Meli 
June 12, 2019


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