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Lee G. Hoffman, Yeoman Second Class,
United States Navy, was lost at sea July 10, 1943,
while serving on the destroyer U.S.S. MADDOX

Lee graduated from New Milford Junior High School in
June 1937; and on
January 20, 1942, at age nineteen,
he entered the U.S. Navy.

He served on the U.S.S NELSON before he was assigned to the Ship's Office on the
U.S.S. MADDOX #622

Lee was on duty somewhere in the Mediterranean at the invasion of Sicily when the ship was struck
and destroyed and the crew was lost.

Information from Teresa Martin May 30, 1947

1946 Hackensack High School Yearbook Dedication Page



Background image of U.S.S. MADDOX #622 from World War II obtained from: