Lee K. Crusius (left) President George Bush (middle) Louis "Lee" D'Arminio (right)


Lee Crusius graduated from Hackensack High School in 2002 and serves in the Coast Guard in Alaska.
Lee graduated from the Coast Guard Academy in 2006.
Lee was involved in a rescue in the waters by Alaska.
The picture above is of his graduation from college with
his grandfather Louis "Lee" D'Arminio and President George Bush.
He had a choice of receiving his diploma from either his grandfather,
because he received a Purple Heart, or the President.
Out of respect, he chose his grandfather, on his mother's side, who received the
Purple Heart he is wearing in the photo while he was serving in World War II.

Lee Crusius's father is Ken Crusius who was a Vice Principal at Hackensack High School for many years.
Ken's father-in-law is Louis "Lee" D'Arminio.

Terry Crusius is Ken Crusius's wife and the daughter of Louis "Lee" D'Arminio.


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