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            Jonathan Losche, Class of 1976, whose cousin is Jeff Losche, sent this information on his son, Kent Edward Losche, on June 19, 2020, during the Corona Virus Pandemic in the year 2020.   Kent Edward Losche graduated from
Hackensack High School in June 2014.

            It is always nice to receive information from parents who want to pay tribute to their son or daughter’s service.  This is the note Jonathan Losche attached to the information he sent about his son Kent Edward Losche.  He raises the question which war will we list him under and we have listed Kent Edward Losche under the continuing conflicts of the Afghan-Iraq Wars, which the United States still has maintained a presence in those countries and the surrounding areas in the Middle East to this day, November 2020. 

June 19, 2020 E-mail

Hi Bob,
I added a couple of pictures of the ship Kent was stationed on during his enlistment.  I thought they might make a good background for his web page.  Not sure which grouping you will put him under, but when he was deployed to the Persian Gulf it was called, "Global War on Terrorism", "Inherent Resolve" one that could be added to your "Medals" page.  Thanks for doing this- it’s a great service to our community.  We are all very proud of him and will enjoy seeing the new web page.”

            Kent Edward Losche graduated from Hackensack High School in June 2014.  On August 5, 2014, he had enlisted in the United States Navy.  Kent Edward Losche Petty Officer 3rd Class, worked primarily in maintenance of ships damage control equipment to include firefighting equipment, de-watering equipment, watertight hull closures, and ventilation. Member of the commands emergency response At Sea Fire Party and Flight Deck Fire Party.

First Deployment: November 2015 to July 2016: Tasking in Eastern Mediterranean and Arabian Sea.
Second Deployment: April 2018 to November 2018: Tasking in Eastern Mediterranean, North Sea, and Norwegian Sea

Crossed the Equator to become Shellback {United States Navy. The U.S. Navy has well-established line-crossing rituals. Sailors who have already crossed the Equator are nicknamed Shellbacks, Trusty Shellbacks, Honorable Shellbacks, or Sons of Neptune. Those who have not crossed are nicknamed Pollywogs, or Slimy Pollywogs.} In Spring 2016 Crossed the Arctic Circle to become Bluenose {As always, Navy Crow has your back. A Bluenose, sometimes incorrectly referred to as a Rednose, is simply a sailor who has crossed the Arctic Circle, above 66°34N. Just like crossing the equator, there is a Line-crossing ceremony, and once you are done, congratulations, you're a certified Bluenose.} in Summer 2018.

Kent Edward Losche was serving on the USS Bulkeley, DDG 84, out of the Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia.  Here is a list of the posts he visited during his service:
Malaga, Spain
Manama, Bahrain
Dubai, U.A.E
Haifa, Israel
Port Victoria, Seychelles
Eilat, Israel
Santorini, Greece
Nova Scotia, Canada
Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Athens, Greece
Rota, Spain
Tromsø, Norway
Azores, Portugal
Glasgow, Scotland
Crete, Greece

Kent Edward Losche received these Pins and Ribbons listed below:
Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist Pin
Navy Achievement Medal
Navy "E" Ribbon
Navy Good Conduct Medal
National Defense Service Medal
Global War on Terrorism, Expeditionary Medal with 1 bronze star device
Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon with 1 bronze star device
Navy Arctic Service Ribbon
Navy Rifle Marksmanship Ribbon
Navy Pistol Marksmanship Ribbon with Sharpshooter Device

Kent Edward Losche was discharged from the Navy on August 4, 2019.

Let us always be grateful for the enlisted Seamans sacrifice, during these times of peril throughout the World. 

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Written by:
Jonathan Losche
June 19, 2020

Material Edited by:
Bob Meli
October 25, 2020


Background image of crew deployment in 2018 obtained from:

Jonathan Losche