Karl Kastler
Karl Kastler, II

Karl Kastler is the only World War I veteran from New Milford. He is listed on the plaque as ‘Carl H. Kastler’ at Borough Hall and the VFW. He died while in the service.

There is a street named in his honor, ‘Kastler Court’, which is where the large house was located. There the German Bund held meetings during the 1930’s and had the riot in 1938, which is mentioned in the interview I had with Sheldon Freschi.

Karl Kastler lived on Grand Street in Peetzburg, N.J. which was located in the North end of what is part of New Milford today.

The little information given under the title ‘DEATHS’ on
Karl Kastler II says he died at Camp Dix. Although we cannot be 100 percent sure, it would lead one to believe he died of the Spanish Influenza. He will be listed as such until further information proves otherwise.

Click here to read the short, brief line listed under ‘DEATHS’ on October 5, 1918 in The Evening Record.

The article reads:
"KASTLER—At Camp Dix, N.J. September 27, 1918 Karl II, beloved son of Mrs. A. Schneider."

Funeral services from the late residence
Grand Street Peetzburg, N. J.
on Sunday afternoon, October 6th, at 4 o’clock.  

Written by:
Bob Meli
June 20, 2012

Click here to view material given to me, Bob Meli, in June of 2014 about Karl Kastler, by Joe Becker a New Milford resident. 

Note: Joe Becker states that Karl Kastler was the only new Milford resident to fight during World War I from New Milford, but this may be just a typo mistake on his material.  There is a large stone tablet at the VFW in New Milford with 52 names on it with those who had served during World War I from New Milford. Karl Kastler's name is on the tablet and is the only one with a star indicating that he was the only one during World War I to have died during his service.

Joe Becker has also done extensive research on
Alfred H. Luhmann
World War II.

Material provided by:
Joe Becker
New Milford, N. J.
June 2014


Click here to view Karl Kastler’s draft Registration Card. Material researched by George Toriello.

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Click here to view the letter sent by Karl Kastler’s mother
May 14, 1921
to the New Jersey War History Bureau.  Material researched by George Toriello.

Click here to view Karl Kastler’s cemetery Headstone application for Westwood Cemetery dated shipped January 12, 1931. 

Click here to view Karl Kastler's Federal census.

Click here to view Karl Kastler's draft notice.


Background image of the Station Hospital Annex at Fort Dix, New Jersey