Joseph Polifronio
Joseph Polifronio
VFW Christmas dinner
December 3, 2014


Joseph Polifronio was born in 1930 has lived his whole life in Hackensack growing up on Holt Street right by Saint Francis Church which he still attends today. 

I had known Joseph Polifronio only as a very mild mannered man growing up, who coached his son Carmen’s Little League baseball team the “Hackensack Troast”. I had played for the “Cowans Sports” team and remember some memorable games against them. 

I was invited to attend the VFW Christmas party at Dolce Novita Restaurant 107 Moonachie Road in Moonachie, New Jersey next town over from Hackensack on December 3, 2014 and I was sitting next to, as I always remember him, Mr. Polifronio. 

The story he was about to tell me I never would have imagined, this mild mannered man who grew up in Hackensack and attended Jackson Avenue School and then State Street School cutting short his education as so many did during the 1930’s and 1940’s to
go to work to help the family. 

Click here to view the story Joseph Polifronio told me of his service as a Marine as he said to me “Once a Marine always a Marine.” 

Let us always be grateful for their sacrifice.  

Written by:
Bob Meli
December 4, 2014


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