Click here to view The Record obituary article on Joseph P. Reilly dated December 16, 2016.

Joseph P. Reilly was on the Hackensack police force for 30 years and was very involved with
Holy Trinity Church and other organizations. Joseph P. Reilly was heavily involved with the
Special Olympics and its Torch Run.

  I do not know at the present time if he was related in any way to Harold V. Reilly World War I veteran or H.V. Pat Reilly World War II veteran.  Joseph P. Reilly’s involvement with the city of Hackensack and law enforcement, it does appear he is related to them, but I do not know at the present time.

Joseph P. Reilly served in the Navy during both World War II and Korean War.

Written by: 
Bob Meli
August 20, 2019



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