Dr Joseph D Gatti

Joseph D Gatti

Hackensack High School Yearbook Photo


Click here to view the Bergen Evening Record November 30, 1942 article, which tells of Dr. Gatti, who was a surgeon and highly regarded in the medical community in both New York City and Bergen County, and was also enlisted in the Army Medical Corp. 

The article states that Dr. Joseph Gatti “attended schools in Hackensack and gained his baccalaureate degree in arts from Fordham University in 1931.”  This would mean that he may have graduated Hackensack High School around 1927 and I do not believe we have a yearbook for that year.

By 1942, Dr. Joseph Gatti would have been 33 years old and according to the article was married and had three children. His wife taught in the Hackensack school system prior to getting married.  

Written by:
Bob Meli
July 22, 2012


Background image of American surgeons working in European hospitals during World War II obtained from: http://ww2db.com/image.php?image_id=2239