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E-mail sent to me, Bob Meli by George Toriello on March 24, 2014:

U.S. Navy
Mobile Construction Battalion 121
Vietnam Veteran

George Toriello sent this material on June 11, 2018 that he researched from the source
<US Dept. of Veterans affairs B.I.R.D.S (Beneficiary Identification Records Locator Subsystem) Death File 1850-2010.>

John D. Schabilon was born in Passaic, New Jersey on October 8, 1946 and enlisted in the Navy Reserves on November 25, 1965.  He began active duty on January 23, 1967 and was released on
October 4, 1968.  John D. Schabilon served with the 121 Seabees as stated above at
Camp Campbell Phu Bai, in the Republic of South Vietnam from August 1967 to April 1968. 
John D. Schabilon rose to the rank of Petty Officer 3rd. Class Construction Electrician.  John D. Schabilon
passed away on July 10, 1993 at the young age of only 47 while living in Parsippany, NJ.

George Toriello added this personal note on John D. Schabilon’s service when he sent information:

"Just received info from St. Louis Military Records on John, my classmate from class of '64. Cool. We were in
Vietnam at the same time for about 4 months. I was stationed far north of where John was and we were
both Seabee electricians."

Written by:
Bob Meli
July 14, 2018



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