Three articles appeared in The Evening Record, the first mentioning
John S. Stafford’s promotion to Second Lieutenant while at
Officers Training School dated Tuesday July 10, 1917.  The second brief article on June 18, 1918 tells of John S. Cromelin’s parents receiving a cablegram telling of John being wounded. The third article on July 31, 1918 has parts of a letter his mother received which tells how John S. Cromelin was wounded from being shot by German Machine fire only ten feet away.

Note that in the last article, John Stafford Cromelin’s name has an “A” as the middle initial. I have concluded that this is just a newspaper mistake because timing of the third article after the first cablegram received about him being wounded, his rank is the same, the home address is the same, and his fathers'
name is the same as the other articles.  Also, the “S” as the middle initial is verified by the paper printing his full middle name in article two on June 18, 1918.

Written by:
Bob Meli
July 29, 2012


Background image of machine gunners of the German Fifth Army in the Argonne National Archives during 1918 obtained from: