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Click here to view the August 15, 2014 Record obituary article stating John Richard Stange’s Army service.

I feel a need to mention when Joe DeFalco and I looked at the Wall Unit for the first time with all of its names hand written on small strips of wood, you couldn’t help but notice that someone had changed the name
John Stange, as his name appears on the Original Wall Unit, to “John Strangelove”. This was a movie which came out in 1964 starring Peter Sellers and George C. Scott. It was a satire comedy on the Nuclear scare of the cold war period. You could not help but feel a sense of disrespect for the alteration by a student at the time during the 1960’s.

The Wall Unit came down sometime after this, when the Bridge changed the entrance of the High School around 1968 and it was never to be seen again until Joe DeFalco and I, Bob Meli, saw it that day in the fall of 2003.

Click here to view Wall Unit Story “How it Began”.

I often wondered who that person was who changed the name, and now upon his death, we find out.

John R. Stange was the president of his class in 1944 and served in both World War II and Korea. He then graduated with a Masters degree in Technology from Stevens Institute.

We extend our thanks to you,
John Richard Stange, for your service.

Written by:
Bob Meli

August 16, 2014


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