1944 Yearbook

Hackensack High School
Yearbook Photo

John Patsy Pinto

Photo above of John in his navy uniform was given by his daughter-in- law, Linda Wilson.


John was a man of service, especially to his family, church, and the community of Hackensack.

You could find him flipping pancakes, collecting donations for the Knights, selling raffle tickets, or working a wheel at the feast.

He loved spending time with his grandchildren, teaching them to play ball, fishing, play card games, and even how to make the perfect snowball so it wouldn't fall apart before it hit it's "target".

He enjoyed hunting and was a master "Mr. Fix- It". 

John looked forward to attending his Navy reunion each year and often kept in touch with his shipmates via the internet and Christmas cards.

Written by:
Linda Wilson
December 8, 2011

Background image of the various shipmates of LST-957, the ship which John was stationed obtained from: