John N. Peed


John N. Peed 1962 Yearbook Photo

Hackensack High School
Yearbook Photo


This is information sent to me by John N. Peed in August of 2012 in response to information gathering on veterans of the class of 1962 done by Judy Siver. 
I was in the U.S. Navy from 1968 through 1971.  Fortunately, I was stationed in Washington DC as a Cryptology officer at the Naval Security Group H. Q. that is where I met Meri-Kathryn (Myer from Mahwah N.J.) and we got married. She was working there as a nurse. 

Navy Ensign meets nurse and they get married!

John Peed

Written by
Bob Meli
September 15, 2012


Background Image of Naval Security Group HQ

The Mount Vernon Seminary for Girls before it was taken over by the navy at the beginning of WW II to become the headquarters of OP-20-G, the navy codebreakers. Originally called Communications Supplementary Activity, Washington (CSAW); by 1955 it had been renamed the Navy Security Station and was home of the Naval Security Group Command Headquarters and the Computer Design Section of the Bureau of Ships. Naval Security Group Command Communication Technician's Web Site,, Image from Bill Lockert, CTTCM, USN, Ret.