Hackensack High School
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The veterans
website received a voice message on April 18, 2016. I returned the call on April 23, 2016 and later the same day, John Myles called back and gave me this information about his service:
John Myles said he had graduated from Hackensack High School in 1999.  He said he had played football, basketball, and track.  John Myles said he had done well and enjoyed sports and been ranked in league competition, but nothing beyond that. 

John Myles said he did not join the service till 2011 and served till 2016.  He reached the level of E4 Calvary Scout, which is a forward recognizance group.  John Myles received the Service Medal and
Good Conduct Medal
for his service. 

When asked what he thought of joining the service
John Myles replied, “Best decision I ever made.” 

John Myles is now at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck working on a business degree.

Written by:
Bob Meli
April 27, 2016 


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