Click here to view article on October 24, 1918 in the
Evening Record
telling of John Hirt’s death from pneumonia.

John Hirt was from Maywood and although he is not on any plaques in Hackensack, the people of Maywood have always had a close affiliation with the city of Hackensack, especially during World War I.

We are listing his name with those who died from the
Spanish influenza
during World War I. Maywood has always had a strong connection to Hackensack High School over the years and we include his name on our list for that reason.

Written by:
Bob Meli
August 20, 2011


While reading the Slacker articles this year, I came across an article from March 28, 1918 on John Hirt. The article stated that people who avoided the draft were finally called
into service. 

The article also declares that John Hirt was arrested by his own father and taken to a Ridgewood draft board. This may explain why he was not listed on any of the plaques in the city of Hackensack of those who died while in the
service during World War I.

Written by:
Bob Meli
August 30, 2013


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