I received a letter in May 2011 from 91 year old
Robert Morse Wood, a 1938 graduate from Hackensack High School. 

He filled out a veterans information form on his cousin, John Frederick Richenaker.  He was anxious to see his cousin’s name put on the website because he is the only ‘survivor’, as he put it, from the era.  Robert Morse Wood had contacted family members but could find little information left. 

On the form Robert Morse Wood sent us, he wrote that
John Frederick Richenaker was deceased. When he had passed away he did not state in May of 2011. 

John Frederick Richenaker had attended Hackensack High School in the early 1940’s, graduating around 1942. 

John Frederick Richenaker served in the Navy after High School and was a ‘Lieutenant Jr. Grade’ (term used by Robert Morse Wood on form; not sure what that means) while in the Pacific Theater.

Written by:
Bob Meli
June 21, 2011



Background image of Navy recruiting poster during World War II obtained from: