On the side of the Civil War Monument at the
Hackensack Cemetery in Hackensack, there is a grave plot where men who served during the Civil War and Spanish American War are buried.

Jeremiah Everson’s headstone is still standing and you can make out his name, but the rest of the engraving is not readable.  There are no records kept on the inscriptions on Headstones.

          Jeremiah Everson could have served during the
Civil War or the Spanish American War, but we have no way of knowing.  What we do know is that Jeremiah Everson served during one of these conflicts and has been buried in the
Hackensack Cemetery in the veterans plot.

To recognize his service, I am listing Jeremiah Everson under the
Spanish American War till more information is discovered on him.

Written by:
Bob Meli
September 19, 2012


Background image on right is of Spanish American War 1898 obtained from:

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