Yearbook Photo

Hackensack High School
Yearbook Photo

Jeffrey Mark Losche
Army Secruty Agency
June 1970

Jeffrey M. Losche sent his photo and filled out our veterans form and sent them in on March 30, 2016 upon his wife, Linda Hedges, repeated requests.  She is a niece of George E. Hedges, who served in World War I with Company G, and he received the fateful
field message telling of Harry Doremus’ death.

Jeffrey Mark Losche wrote that he attended Hackensack High School from 1966 till
graduation in 1969. 

He joined the Army Security Agency on June 29, 1970, and served until June 22, 1973. Jeffrey M. Losche rose to the rank of Specialist 5th Class, known as E5 in the Army Security Agency. Upon leaving the service, he received the National Defense Medal and had been a certified expert in the M16 and grenade.  

Click here to view general Wikipedia information that Jeffrey M. Losche sent in on the agency he worked for in general terms, and then where he put stars he writes about his specific jobs he was involved with at the time.   

Written by:
Bob Meli
April 7, 2016

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